Schiele’s Muse – A GPT to Make Schiele Inspired Images

You can now create images in the general style of the artist Egon Schiele! Just click below and give it a try…

Generate images in a similar style to Egon Schiele

While this GPT does not exactly mimic Schiele’s distorted figures, and definitely is not sexual like Egon’s works, what it does do is use a similar color palette and Schiele’s lines.

Suggested Prompts:

  • create a cityscape
  • create a landscape
  • create a space ship
  • create a cat
  • create a dog

This GPT experiences significant variation in styling depending seemingly on DALL-E’s mood for the day. Sometimes it gets the styling wrong, but when it gets it right it is quite good.

It should be noted this GPT does not and will not directly mimic Egon Schiele’s work and should not recreate any of his works of art. It only uses his styling for inspiration and then creates something new.

Click here to use Schiele’s Muse, an Expressionism Image Generator

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